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what is printmaking?

Printmaking is the process of making art by transferring ink from a matrix such as a metal plate or linoleum block to paper or other material. The methods used to do this can be used separately or combined in a variety of ways! Each print is considered to be an “original” hand-pulled impression and is not a photographic image or copy of another work. Multiple impressions, numbered and signed by the artist, can be printed from the same matrix to form an edition. My editions are usually limited to 5-30 prints per edition.

my print processes


Linoleum cuts and woodcuts are relief printing processes where areas of block are cut away and the remaining raised areas inked and printed on paper by hand burnishing or with a press.


Etching is an intaglio printmaking technique where lines are chemically incised into a metal plate, then the plate is inked and printed. The metal plate is first covered with a chemically resistant ground, then scratched with tools to expose the metal and then placed in a chemical bath for incising.

screen print

Screen print is a stencil process using a mesh screen stretched over a frame. Ink is forced through the mesh’s openings, which can be blocked in a variety of ways.

chine colle

Chine colle is a method of adhering thin pieces of paper to the larger printing paper at the same time a work is printed.

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